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January 16, 2017

Story Poses - 2 - Hospital - 06

will NOT be replying any wcifs that are not a requirement for the poses.
It’s is my idea to go through the poses i’ve done and see which of them are easily shareable and usable by you guys. And that are easy to fix / set up in my opinion. What i would like to say is that, whenever i make poses for my story, i have in mind (prior) how the sim is going to dress, hair, acc, prop to avoid every clipping possible. So, if you don’t use the same things as i do, you’re going to probably face a different outcome. Having said that, there’s plenty of simmers that ask me constantly about them and i honestly feel terrible about it.. so i’m going to try, bare with me.
Also, i have this idea of maybe sharing a pose pack with the poses used in xx current story post, then when i decide to share another, it will be on the same pose pack and you’d have to re download and replace. This is to avoid several random packs scattered around. What do you think?

What’s included? (description, story post-how i used it, requirements)
  1. 1-2-3: “ER emergency” - Story Post - Any counter will do. To be used with acc. pager (included).
  2. 4-5-6-7-8: “OR operation room” - Story Post - To be used with edited surgery machine, blanket, male eye shadow for body details. (all included). Mouth mask from @black-le. Outfit from GTW.
  3. 9-10-11-12: “Nursery” - Story Post - To be used with standing IV (GTW) & acc. files (included).
Props / objects included:
  1. Surgery Table (edit) - GTW required.
  2. (Surgery) - Eye shadow makeup for male - body insides -.
  3. Surgery Blanket (for table) - Molded using default rig, meaning NO fat NO muscles. if not, is going to clip.
  4. Deco Pager - 2 colors (on & off versions).
  5. Acc. Pager - 2 colors (on & off versions) - Unisex Adult Accessory - Bracelet (wrist right) (uses necklace space).
  6. Acc. Files / folders - 4 bg colors & black. - Unisex Adult Accessory - Bracelet (wrist left).
How to use the poses?
  • Pose player by Andrew.
  • Grab this teleport mod by scumbumbo. (you can find it by typing teleport on the search bar)
  • Open the cheat command with ctrl+shift+c and type bb.moveobjects on.
Download:      - Dropbox (adf.ly - 4mb)                          
                          - Dropbox (no ads - 4mb) 
Follow my TOU for recolors or other inquiries please. (updated 06/06/2015)
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If you have any comments or issues write me!
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