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October 21, 2016

Beatrice Luggage / suitcases

Beatrice Suitcase (s).
  • So many versions, i’m crazy… but i honestly needed all of them.
  • General Poly for all of them: High - 2067, Med - 1800, Low - 1200.
  • in @simsrocuted‘s color palette (+ extras or so).
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Mesh by me.
  • Easily find by typing “luggage” or “beatrice” on the search bar.
  • There’s three “diagonal” versions (1 not in preview, for child) that work with @kiruluvnst‘s luggage poses. Just make your sims do these poses in game, and then place the luggage in buy mode. I believe there’s only one pose that doesn’t “fit” but i tried my best taking into account that the original suitcase was smaller. I did a child version of these diagonal ones for either future poses, or if anyone wants to do them.
  • All the “laying” (closed & open) versions have slot1, meaning they will snap to shelves for example. Making it easier to position them on difficult surfaces such as beds.
  • Recommended cc at the bottom!
Fred Perry Barrel Bag Decor & Acc.
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • Mesh by me.
  • Easily find by typing “luggage” on the search bar.
  • Unisex Adult accessory: Right Wrist, don’t use with hats.
  • Not allowed for random.
—– Warning: Each file size is around 10mb due to the texture size (1024) and the colors provided. In total, there are 11 items making the merged collection almost 92mb. You can either just download the ones you want or remove colors you don’t like with s4s if they bother you. I didn’t experienced any issues whatsoever having everything at once. Felt the need to mention this, if you’re curious as to why it’s so heavy. Thanks for reading! —-
DownloadDropbox (Adfly - Wait 5 seconds and click skip, don’t touch anything else!, thanks!)
- No merged collection. (here’s a tutorial if you want to do it yourself).
Follow my TOU for recolors or other inquiries please. (updated 06/06/2015)
Other Sims 4 downloads: #S4CC.
If you have any comments or issues write me!
If something doesn’t show up, update your game!
Check original post for updates or fixes.
Tag me if you want to share the love #inabadromancecc or @inabadromance , i would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
  • CC in preview:
  • Recommended poses:
Luggage poses by @kiruluvnst. (pose player compatible)
  • Recommended clothing decor:
Folded shirts by Sims4fun / Folded Sweaters by @dreamteamsims / Folded jeans by Porphyria  / Random Decor (bathroom) by @aroundthesims.

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