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October 21, 2016

Beatrice's wallet accessory

Accessory: Beatrice’s Wallet
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • New mesh by me.
  • Everyday.
  • 7 swatches. (and -ish)
  • Not allowed for random.
  • In HATS (leather material). Since it uses the hat texture, i might as well put it in hats so that you can use all body accessories.
  • Adult Female. **** update 12/30/2016, enabled for men.
  • Polygons: between 500 and 600p.
What’s included?
  1. Accessory wallet - Open version with money. (All in one).
  2. Accessory wallet - Clutch type version. (will work with any pose that uses clutches)
  3. Decorative wallet (buy mode) , Search by typing Beatrice or Wallet in the search bar.
  4. Pose Pack: 2 All in one (Seated & Standing with variations) and separates. Custom thumbnails (i didn’t forget this time).
I created this item thinking on regular daily and everyday interactions that require to pay certain services. Like restaurants (???), hairdresser, paying for drinks.  I believe it’s very interesting for story telling, at least for me it is. That is why i did the poses this way, so they can be used on chairs, bar stools and other chairs with the help of mods (statue). These are simple poses to get you started, but you’re welcome to create more if needed.
How to use the poses?
  • Pose player by Andrew.
  • Grab this teleport mod by scumbumbo. (you can find it by typingteleport on the search bar)
  • Open the cheat command with ctrl+shift+c and type bb.moveobjects on.
  • If chair, place the statue in the middle (as seen in the preview above) and make the sim pose.
  • if barstool, the statue should be fairly closer to the back and moved one time up with 9 (the knees of the statue mark the place the bottom of the sim is going to be) and make the sim pose.
DownloadDropbox (Adfly - Wait 5 seconds and click skip, don’t touch anything else!, thanks!)
Merged Collection available (pose pack included). Place Merged or Separates in mods, not both.
*** Update 12/30/2016: enabled for men
Follow my TOU for recolors or other inquiries please. (updated 06/06/2015)
Other Sims 4 downloads: #S4CC.
If you have any comments or issues write me!
If something doesn’t show up, update your game!
Check original post for updates or fixes.
Tag me if you want to share the love #inabadromancecc or @inabadromance , i would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
  • CC in preview:
Female: Hairs by Anto (TSR) I & IIOutfit Top / Pants all by @toksik, Shoes by @madlensimsCross necklace by @inakhtiny necklace by (TSR), Earringsby @pralinesims.

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