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December 14, 2016

Merry Christmas Gift: Mini set (Dinnerware, napkins, decor)

Merry Christmas Gift : Mini set.

Made with The Sims 4 Studio.

I want to apologize for the amount of time these took me! i’m super sorry :’) i know there’s some of you that have been waiting for these, and i just want to say that your patience means a lot!
Plates are, in short, placed over EA’s food plates to disguise the original white design and still be edible. Only “works” when the food is already on the table and not when your sim is holding it. Suggested for storytellers / parties / gathering / regular family dinner table.
find items by searching Merry on the catalogue.
  • For easy placement, PLEASE download the TABLE OVERRIDES for all EA’s tables by @brazenlotus , HEREThis will override the slots making it easier to place the plates on the correct spot. It is not impossible to place them on non EA’s tables, but it is much “difficult”.
  • Suggested download: Buyable/edible food from @treelifecreations. Pick and choose single dishes without the inconvenience of actually cooking them.
INSTRUCTIONS for plates: 
  • First, enable bb.moveobjects to place all objects below.
  • Pick the single dish of food and place it on it’s proper slot. 
  • Grab Version 1 (i suggest selecting a black swatch to see possible clippings) and place it over it dish with food.
  • If the food is clipping and you can see white chunks over the black swatch of the plate, then grab Version 2.
  • All plates are made differently, hence the two versions of the same plate. 
  • To place the Charger plates, pick the item and put it over the table. Grab it again, and with the help of the ALT key, accommodate it under the plate.
  • To place the Napkin for the plate, follow steps above.
  • Your sims CAN eat with these plates in place.
  • If your sim refuses to eat where the food plate was placed, then you should take in mind that: (not about this set) Not all decorative items you might have in your game may let your sims eat successfully. If a decorative item in specific is causing this issue, you’ll have to manually fix it’s footprint.
  • I tried random times using them in restaurants, but i got different results (such as half of the food appearing, all food appearing, none of them appearing and only drinks.. all tested with the same objects on the same exact place without moving them.. just different different orders minutes apart from each other).. so i just say, try and test them in your game.
  • If required any help, please let me know and i’ll see what else can i try to add in here. thank you!
1. Stacked Plates.
  • 70 swatches. (Realistic & Solids)
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • New mesh.
  • Polygons > LOD high: 800p, LOD low: 400p.
2 & 3. Plate (v1 & v2, Charger Plate).
  • 70 swatches. (Realistic & Solids) 
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • New mesh.
  • Polygons > All lods - 200p.
4. Bread Plate.
  • 24 swatches.
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • New mesh.
  • Polygons > LOD: 240p.
5. Simple Napkin.
  • 47 swatches. (Patterns & solids)
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • New mesh.
  • Polygons > LOD high: 500p, LOD low: 400p.
6 & 7. Extravagant Napkin (For plate & side).
  • 45 swatches. (Patterns & solids)
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • New mesh.
  • Polygons > LOD high: 700p, LOD low: 500p.
8. Decorative Garland (With & without bow, 2tile & 1 tile versions).
  • 4 Colors (maxis match & realistic).
  • Doesn’t snap to wall, hold ALT for better placement. Move up with 9, move down with 0.
  • Base Game.
  • Custom Thumbnails.
  • EA mesh edit.
  • Polygons > Max poly: 238p.
Download     - Dropbox (adf.ly - 69mb)
                          - Dropbox (shorte.st - 69mb)
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