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October 21, 2016

Phone replacements & accessory phones




i’ve simified the brands in the file’s names just in case, even though they are all english except for the screens.
Default Replacement Phones (2 brands).
  • Overrides the game phone mesh.
  • Mesh edit by me.
  • Screens in simlish!.
  • There’s two types, reflective and not reflective. The difference is that when you move around the phone with the camera or when the sims moves while using it, the reflective version will have the screen shine according to the surroundings. Very beautiful. BUT, since i noticed that if there’s too much light (inside, not outside) where you’re using the phone, the screen almost turns to white. So i’m giving the option of not reflective. The situation of the light is very sporadic, only saw it once in my home.. but i couldn’t take a chance.. so yeah, both.
  • Off all the options i’m giving you, you can choose ONLY 1. Only 1 of the 16 choices (considering reflective or not).
  • It’s easily editable in Photoshop if you want to pick and choose what custom screen you want on what phone and what not. BUT, i’ve included a PSD for personal recolors if you want to choose cases and other stuff. Recommended font in credits!.
  • If you want to recolor and share, please follow my TOU and don’t re-share my custom screens ( All the social media screens, browser, texting).
  • Since this is a default replacement, i recommend not merging it with other cc, so it’s easily removable or replaceable.
  • The mesh is slightly edited in comparison to my DECO PHONES, but the textures can be applied to those ones. So you can have all the textures you see here in those too if you want to recolor them yourself for personal use.
  • Just like all the sims having the same black phone, all the sims in the world are going to have the same phone. But hey, if it’s trendy it sells more.

DOWNLOAD DEFAULT REPLACEMENTSDropbox (Adfly - Wait 5 seconds and click skip, don’t touch anything else!, thanks!)
If you want to recolor, please: Follow my TOU please. (updated 02/06/2015).

UNISEX Accessory phones.
  • Found in Glasses (Uses glasses texture space)
  • Not so great texture, due to space.. and comparing it with the default phones.
  • Unisex.
  • Mesh edit by me.
  • Custom Thumbnails (Used female thumbs for both XD, sorry).
  • If you want to recolor and share, please follow my TOU.

DOWNLOAD UNISEX ACCESSORY PHONESDropbox (Adfly - Wait 5 seconds and click skip, don’t touch anything else!, thanks!)
If you want to recolor, please: Follow my TOU please. (updated 02/06/2015). 
Other Sims 4 downloads: #S4CC.
If you have any comments or issues write me!
Tag me if you want to share the love #inabadromancecc or @inabadromance , i would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!
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