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March 6, 2015

Rooms : Granny's Mini Market

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This room was built in the second floor in one of pearljasminesims lots. You can find ithere. It is above the flower shop.
I do have outdoor retreat but i’m sure i didn’t used anything from the pack. But i could be wrong. There’s so many things here that i might have lost it. I used one item in the freezers, but i think that if you don’t have the pack, it will not appear.. just that.

- Included in the download folder:
  • Tray files for the rooms. (i would firmly suggest you place the room from the lot, not town view. Also have all this cheats on just to be sure: bb.moveobjects ,bb.showhiddenobjects and bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement)
  • Granny’s market window sticker.
  • Granny’s market floor sign.
  • Granny’s market DDS file for the paper bag.(The  mesh is from Pilar’s set –descripted below. You’ll need to replace her texture or keep the original bag).
  • Wood Vegetables table fix. (I unlocked the table from debug, added all the colors from the original EA mesh and erased the shadows from the non existent plants. The lightsettings from this item is different, I couldn’t fix that. Outside it looksbrighter than the one with the flowers on it).
If you have any comments or issues write me!
Tag me if you want to share the love @inabadromance , i would love to see your game screens or photoshoots!

- Things that i’ve seen that are not there when placed: (look pictures)
  • Three chips on shelf, only one.
  • Three nutellas, only one.
  • No deco boxes on the bottom in the freezers.
  • Debug items don’t transfer into the library. You’ll have to place the vegetables yourself!

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